Voter Registration Software

Platinum Technology offers secure leading edge voter registration software helping you achieve optimal management of all your voter data, from start to finish.



  • A complete voter registrations system
  • User friendly user interface
  • Maintains all voter data and is integrated with Illinois Voter Registration System (IVRS) NCOA, ERIC, POVA, SOS, AVR
  • In addition to voter data, our software maintains elections data like elections races, precincts, candidates, ballot styles, vote by mail
  • End to end voter registration system
  • Provides auto fill fields and standard drops downs to insure data accuracy and less errors
  • Links to state voter systems to make certain accurate voter information is maintained and consistent with the state records
  • There is the opportunity to do some basic customization to reports and documents
  • Complete voter registration system and election management system

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Through the continual development and introduction of innovative elections products, our company has emerged as the leading provider of end-to-end, fully integrated voting solutions. Our team is composed of seasoned experts whose mission is to support our customers’ election processes from start to finish. Access to this experience is a critical component in ensuring your elections run smoothly.